Pest Control Services


Major pest of hotel includes rats, bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites and bats. The overall objective here is to conduct the operation without disturbing any guest. Different areas of a hotel require different pesticide for each class of pest, kitchen and the restaurant for example, non-staining, odourless, non-corrosive and safe insecticides can be used. Alternatively, if the hotel is such that it is not constantly occupied, the fumigation could be fixed for some days when it is least occupied to allow for an extensive fumigation. All public areas such as bars, kitchen and restaurants are treated in the night after work.


Termites through their feeding, damage wood work and furniture. Rats have been known to chew expensive computer cables and are a major cause of industrial fires. Water based chemicals are used here which is the best for office fumigation. Work is best done on weekends to allow complete closure of the treated premises immediately the fumigation is completed.


Grain warehouses are best treated with gas. This could be best achieved with the use of Phosphine generators such as Aluminium Phosphide or Zinc Phosphide. Alternatively a smoke generator such as thermal fog with a suitable insecticide or a smoke bomb can be used. The stock to be fumigated must be properly covered with tarpaulin.


Ships are major transporters of pest particularly rodents from one country to another. Major pests are rats, cockroaches, flies, ants and mosquitoes. Only water based pesticides are good to avoid stains on the window and glasses. The size, design and function of the ship determine the choice of pesticides and equipments to be used.


As a general rule, no petrol driven engine can be used inside the aircraft. Equipment therefore can only be an electric compressor sprayer or an L.O.K manual sprayer. Used instrument can be taped on the instrument panel to cover the buttons in the cockpit to prevent accidental spillage on electric appliances. Aerosol sprays are best recommended for aircraft fumigation. Water soluble insecticide can be applied in a light spray. It must be an insecticide approved for aircraft permethrin aerosol, Wet table powder (COOPEX) or bendiocarb (FICAM).


It is very important to first ascertain the health status of the birds before any ectoparasite control operated commences. This can be done by a veterinarian or animal scientist who will do a walk around inspection and check the daily health record for the past two weeks minimum. For birds in battery cages, the usual pest are files, mites, lice and bugs such as ticks. Either manual lever operated knapsack sprayer or a motorized mist blower can be used for poultry spraying. The choice for live stock use by regulatory authorities.