Pet Shop

Zoba Veterinary carries a wide variety of popular and specialty pet supplies and pet accessories to help you care for your pets. From pet foods and snacks, to pet toys and grooming tools.

Pet Foods and Treats

We stock a wide range of pet foods that will help provide all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Pet biscuits and treats can be used for all levels of training such as house breaking, obedience and behavioral dog training.

Zobavet Pet Shop

Pet accessories and toys

Bowls, feeders, waterers, collars, leashes, harnesses, crates, kennels, cages, pet tags, pet carry-ons, pet signs etc

Zobavet Pet Shop

Pet Health and Grooming

Pet shampoos, stain and odor removers, hair remover, hair clippers, grooming brushes, fleas and ticks remover etc. Everything you need to keep your pet clean and healthy-looking.

Zobavet Pet Shop

Pet Books

We stock a number of pet books to help you learn more about your pet. Whether you're looking for training books, breeding guides or recipe books for your pet, you can find it at Zobavet.

Zobavet Pet Shop